Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MTC time!

I'm a little behind on my posts, so let me start with the MTC experience.  On Oct 7th, we entered the Provo, UT Missionary Training Center (MTC).  And what a week we had.  We reported on that Monday morning, ready to go (after a sleepless night) and hit the ground running.  We had classes and instructions ALL day long, and were spiritually fed.  We studied out of the Preach My Gospel book, and had an amazing experience.  We met in the Chapel just north of the main MTC compound, where we met in a large group in the chapel, and then met in classrooms with our "Districts".  Our morning teacher was a cute and bubbly teacher, Sister Brown, and in the afternoon we had a nice young man, Brother Pearson (sorry, didn't manage to get a picture of him).  Our District was made up of four couples.  Elder and Sister Kennington (our district leader) were from Ontario, OR and are heading to Chile to work with the Perpetual Education Fund.  Then there were the Gysler's from Switzerland heading to Lebanon to do Humanitarian work, speaking French.  Sister Gysler's English was not very good, so she had a German interpreter all week.  Then there were the Robertson's from Pocatello/Blackfoot/St. George who are headed to Salem, OR doing Member Leader Support (MLS).  After one short week, it was amazingly hard to say goodbye to all our new-found friends.  I think there were about 100+ of us Senior Missionaries.  I think we grew so close so fast because we were baring our souls, our testimonies, and sharing intimate stories with one another all week.  It was an amazing experience!  You should try it!

Here we are at the Provo MTC right after we got our official badges!

In front of the "famous" map, pointing to the Marshall Islands Majuro Mission

Our District, Robertson's, us, Kennington's, Gysler's, and our instructor Sister Brown


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  1. You both look great as missionaries!! (: So excited for you!