Sunday, October 20, 2013

More family time!

Oct 13, 2013
The day before we headed out we had one last day to spend with the Utah grandkids.  We wanted it to be a special day, focused on the grandkids so we could have some special memories.  The morning was spent with Lydia, Oliver, Gavin and Evelyn.  Then in the afternoon Luca and Hannah joined in the fun.  Of course, the parents were there, too.

The fun started at Scheel's store where they have a ferris wheel, putting green, shooting range, play area and some fun photo areas.  Then it was back to the house where I showed the kids how to blow bubbles with straws and dish soap.  After that it was pumpkin carving time.  We ended the night with some fun family games - beach ball volleyball, freeze dancing, fruit basket upset, and a few others.  We had a fun day filled with laughter and love. 

Oliver, Grandpa and Lydia on the ferris wheel

Golf lessons


Tiff and Evelyn in the play area

scaring us at Reams

bubble creations

pumpkin carving fun!

Dancing fun

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