Saturday, October 26, 2013


What a whirlwind it has been. When we landed, we were met by all the Majuro Senior Missionaries.  They were such a welcome sight! Two of the couples, the Johnson's and the Gardners, got here just this past month and are over education and the perpetual education fund, so we weren't the only newbies. We all went out to lunch together, as is their tradition at the Tide Table restaurant, where I had the yummiest fish and chips! The fish was so good and flakey, the fries good, and a yummy coleslaw with pineapple.  Plenty to eat on Majuro! I guess they want to plump us up before we head off to Ebeye!

The missionaries drove us around the whole island in their van to give us a glimpse of the place.  Palm trees, coconut trees, banana trees, pandanna trees line the roads and the shore.  Unfortunately the water is polluted and littered here. Looks great from a distance, though. There are tiny huts and houses everywhere in between the trees. Kids running around all hours of the day, and wild dogs. The dogs are the scary as they are wild and feral.  We were warned to carry a rock or a stick when we walked around to scare them away. One morning when we walked towards town about four of them came running around us and scared me to death.  Fortunately something distracted them at the last minute.

We are staying in the beautiful mission home for five days until we can fly out to Ebeye. We had a two day zone conference in the home and we watched General Conference from a recording.  There were about 54 of us missionaries there to soak up the messages of the prophet and apostles of the Lord.  What a grand two days.  We also fed lunch to all those hungry missionaries, and boy can they eat!  Especially the sisters!

President and Sister Weir are wonderful people. They have welcomed us into their home and have taken care of us despite their hectic schedules.  They have been flying ALL over the mission for the past three months, barely landing before they take off again.  The senior missionaries have been great to us to, giving us instructions of what we will have to do on Ebeye. We got trained on how to install and change the water filters for all the missionary apartments, medical issues, financial (monthly missionary funds and phone cards, and other expenses), church records, and lots more.

The internet here is not letting me upload photos, so I will do that later.  Might have to post them on Facebook for now, as it is letting me do it there. Good old Facebook!

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  1. Sounds like you are off to the races and doing a great job! xoxo