Monday, September 30, 2013

The writing's on the......sidewalk?

Last weekend when we had a houseful of people, I dug out a long-ago forgotten box of multi-colored chalk.  In fact, I found the chalk when I started cleaning out the storage shelves in the laundry room in preparation of our departure.  The chalk, nice weather, and the cars and trike provided some needed entertainment (and distraction from the kitchen) for not only the grandkids, but some adults, too.  I think they came up with some fun pictures.  I was so sad when it rained a few days later, washing all those memories down the drain. Glad we got some pictures!

Here's our official greeting!
and we could end up here, in the Gilbert Islands, too!
Big plane to Hawaii; the smaller prop plane, with pontoons, is headed to the islands.

Lydia's drawing of Grandma and Grandpa teaching in the Marshall Islands (notice the math work and the coconut tree on the right?)

Grandpa by Oliver's creation
far away shot so you can see the house that we will miss!
Tabitha giving Evelyn a push
stick picture of Mike and I w/ our Missionary tags!

Evelyn trusting Oliver at the wheel
Isn't that trike too little for Brandon?
checking out the art work

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  1. Great memories! I loved those drawings :) I believe Oliver's was of an island too! :) I love that you keep blogging