Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Farewells and family

Mike and I talked in church on Sunday, Sept. 22nd [ I'm told that is something we need to get used to doing], so as a result, some of the family converged on our house for one last time before we head off into the unknown.  May I say, it was Mahvelous! No, I'm not talking about our talks in church, I am talking about hanging with the kiddies and siblings.  Toys, food, kids, food, talking, food, laughing, food, games, food.  Just an all out fun time, with just a little sleep thrown in here and there.  Thanks to all who came to make it a special time for us!  We love you all!  Here are a few random shots.
my brother, Brad, and his wife, Wendy
my nephew Matt, and Tara, Ryan and their exchange student

Andy chilling before dinner
Lynn and Leah
The "kids" table with the siblings

Nick, Hannah, and Pat
Tabitha and Evelyn
Pat and Lynn, Mike and Lisa
Sisters Diane and Marianne (and Brandon)
Tara, Matt, Nicholas, Alicia and Leah

 And plenty of goofing off by all...
Brandon attack by Luca, Lydia, Oliver and Gavin
crazy kids!


  1. Sorry we missed it! Hope we get to see you in Provo before you jet off! :)

    1. Sara, we'll be in Provo for about a week and a half, so should be able to see you plenty. We will be staying with Nick since they said we don't have to stay at the MTC. :)

  2. We loved your farewell, seeing your family, and will miss you tons! Enjoy the MTC and we will enjoy reading your posts, knowing how fast this 2 years is going to fly by.