Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our new home

Here is our humble abode.  We have already moved the furniture (no surprise) and added a few items since these pictures were taken and we purchased a small area rug.  The curtains are sheets we found in the apartment that are strung up by some twine.  I am still searching for some curtain rods, but can't find any, so will probably make do with the twine.  I found a shop that sells fabric, so maybe one of these days when I am feeling creative I will try to make curtains (by hand)!  I am learning fast that you have to make do with what you have, or get creative.

The living room, dining room and kitchen

Another view, with the front door

Our bedroom, and door to the bathroom

The dining room, that's the window that looks out over the store.

The kitchen!

View from the front door

Our little apartment is right in the middle of what you might call "town".  To the left is the dock and the bank, down the intersecting street in one direction is the church, and if you go in the other direction you will find the post office and Hotel Ebeye.  Both large stores are owned by Triple J, as well as the apartments, so they get most of our money!

This is "Main Street", our home is above the Department store on the 2nd floor, last window on the left

This is the view outside our dining room.  This is the large grocery store where we are able to find most of our food. 
Can you spot me?  Those ships are big!
This is how we get anything on the island, besides the ferry.


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