Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Greetings in Ebeye

our first glimpse of our new home, Ebeye Island.  It does have trees after all!

Missionaries waiting at the dock for our arrival.

When we arrived in Ebeye some of the church members were waiting for us at the church.  They gave us a royal welcome with song and dance.  Since it was during the middle of the day, not many people were able to come, but those that were there treated us like royalty.  We were deeply touched by their kindness and welcome.  As we walked into the church they were in a semi-circle and were singing.  They put a crown of flowers on my head, and gave Elder Becker a flower lei.  We were then told to go around the room and greet them and give them a hug.  Then, several people talked (in English) and welcomed us to their island. Then they asked us to say a few words.  Such wonderful people and a great way to be welcomed into their world!
Some of the women who greeted us

more of the greeting party

there were even a few men, the tall one just left on a mission to Hawaii!

the short woman had a whistle and kept everyone in sync and on time.

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the greeting party

the new senior couple on Ebeye!  We felt like royalty!

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