Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We received our call!

Saturday, July 20, 2013.  The date that rocked our world! 

We have been called to serve in the Marshall Islands Majuro Mission as member and leader support missionaries for 23 months!!!!

Here's the story of that day.....

That morning it was my turn to go the the mailbox.  We knew the envelope would be coming soon from SLC with our assignment as it had been over four weeks since our final interview with President Porter.  It was my turn that day to go to the mailbox (yes, we were taking turns just to be fair).  As soon as I saw the big white envelope I KNEW that was it. I flipped it over and read the address; it said:  Elder Michael Anthony Becker and Sister Lisa Jean Becker. AAAAAK!  MY HEART SKIPPED A BEAT!  My eyes immediately welled up with tears and my heart began to race. I just stared at it for a minute in the middle of the road.   To be honest, I WAS SCARED!  Inside this envelope was our future for the next two years! We tried to conference all the kids on the phone, but Tiffany was nowhere to be found (we later found out she had been camping).  We waited for awhile (about 3 hours), but we couldn't hold off any longer.  Mike and I said a prayer that our hearts and minds would be open and ready to accept this call.  We opened and read it with all but Tiff on the phone. Wow! What a feeling! We feel so blessed! And, Mike, the lover of beaches, gets to take his Crocs!  God does answer prayers!  [P.S. Tiffany finally called a couple hours later after she came out of the mountains]

WAHOO!   We report to the Provo Missionary Training Center on 07 Oct 2013.


  1. Aww, I am so thrilled for you. What amazing missionaries you will be and I know your family will be blessed while you are gone.

    Can't wait to follow your adventures!

  2. This could not be more wonderful. Congratulations!!!!