Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The people of the Marshall Islands

It's always an adventure to travel to different lands and places. There is an excitement in experiencing new sights and sounds, tastes and smells.  Each new adventure wraps around my head and fills me with new wonder.  I have been enthralled by new experiences no matter where we have traveled.  We have enjoyed it all from Brazil to Latvia, Italy to Mexico, across the United States, and to many places in between.  But, what really makes a place a truly lasting experience is getting to know the people.

It's one thing to visit a place to see what they have to offer.  It's another to LIVE it.  When you LIVE it, you soon learn to LOVE it. Why? The PEOPLE.

Living out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the tiny island of Ebeye, there isn't much to see.  It's a densly populated island, filled with one long maze of home after home. It's the 5th most populated island in the WORLD. There are no cathedrals or museums to visit.  No sightseeing tours, or guides.  What we DO have here is a quiet, peaceful island filled with loving, humble, fun-loving people that I LOVE! And they love to have their pictures taken! It's impossible to show them all, but here are a few of the people we have met over the past year and a half.
Pres. Seremai with us at Joel and Mery Jeik's baptism

women always serving!
High Council farewell to the Mioba family
Birthday wishes!

Elder Becker with Pres. Thomas, Pres Anjain, Pres Seremai, and Carl Kilma

Ninjine's and Bro. Thomas

Our bwiro cooking crew


Bill snd Baby Albert

some of our beautiful Young Women
Lae friends

a crowd at low tide

always a crowd when the camera comes out!

with AnnMarie Loeak

More of our youth

SisterTafili, Thelma Ned and Sister Butler

farewells at the dock

amazing baptisms

my buddies from Kwaj, Samantha and Alison!

my little dancer in the street
playing games in the street

sweet sisters!
beautiful Young Women!

guarding her new flip flops!

Young Women program

Sisters Seremai and Bellu saying goodbye to Elder Zepty

more good byes at the dock

Kilma family and others at the baptism

reading in the hallway at church

love these girls!

Maria and Allen John

Elder Samuel getting ready to leave for his mission

Banij Ned and Rosmi Roland
missionaries and youth

Lae children

I was going to quietly sit and read......

Langbata wedding with Elder and Sister Schaffer (wearing their wedding crowns!)

Our lives have been blessed with so many new friends!

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  1. What a wonderful mission you have had. You have been such a great influence on many people there on Ebeye. They will love you always for what you have added to their lives. I love the wonderful Marshallese people.They will always be in my heart.