Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve with the Missionaries

We enjoyed a fun evening with the Ebeye Missionaries on Christmas Eve.  Since we would all be celebrating Christmas Day at the church we fixed a yummy dinner for them the night before at our apartment .  We started out the evening with a devotional and we all shared some thoughts on the Savior and his birth.  How grateful we all are for all he did for us.  We decided that the best present we could give back to Him was to serve him and to be the best missionaries we can be. We then played a short game of charades (very comical!), followed by a white elephant tie and earring exchange.  There were some lovely ties exchanged!  The sisters (all 3 of us) exchanged earrings, but Sister Whitney ended up choosing a tie.  So, Elder Becker, being quick on his feet, chose some  earrings (after losing his tie to another Elder) and gave them to me on Christmas morning. Lovely! He always thinks he can get away with presents like that!  Ha, ha, doesn't work! For dinner we had a baked potatoes with ham, broccoli, cheese, chili, fruit salad, cole slaw, and rolls.  For dessert we gorged ourselves on cookies and ice cream.  We ended the night with a game of  Ticket To Ride (only 5 can play), and the rest of us watched the movie "The Polar Express". I always love that movie.  We have a wonderful group of missionaries here on this little island, and it was fun hanging out with them. They are a hard working group of young men and women, and they deserved to have a night of fun and relaxation.

Eating Christmas Eve dinner

Visiting and eating
Elders Benevides, Walden and Watkins after devouring the food.

Sister Mahit and Sister Whitney relaxing
Wilson and Golea checking out the latest Church News

Hanging out and having fun!

White Elephant tie and earring exchange

Yum, ice cream and cookies!

Elder Becker teaching the Elders how to play his favorite game, Ticket to Ride

The game is on with Prisbrey, Watkins, Walden, Benevides, Wilson
Dessert time!

Watching "The Polar Express" with Mahit, Whitney, Robert and Golea

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  1. You are both so awesome! What a fun celebration for all of the missionaries on Ebeye. I'm loving the tie and earring exchange and your dinner party...deluxe. We miss you at home, but are so happy you are having a great experience and loving your work. "Happy New Year!" I'm not sure of too many things, but I know 2014 is going to fly by.